Pioneer vsx lx503 review

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pioneer vsx lx503 review

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pioneer vsx lx503 review

Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Hide sidebar Show sidebar. Thread starter Hokies83 Start date Mar 28, Hokies83 Audioholic.Powered Zone 3 offers support for various home cinema environments. By adding an external amplifier, the 9.

You can reproduce object-oriented sound in smooth, curving movements, or the realistic three-dimensional movement overhead by the top speakers. DTS:X is the next-generation audio codec from DTS that leverages object-based audio to enable new immersive and interactive audio experiences. Experience an immersive soundscape with incredibly rich and life-like audio. By connecting a compatible source device, you can enjoy these latest video standards on a compatible display.

With the custom microphone, the system automatically compensates for differences in speaker size, level and distance, and equalzes response.

As an innovative solution for the phase lag between the subwoofer and the main channel speakers caused by the bass management filter, Phase Control compensates the delayed bass to improve sound synchronization. When using Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers, high directivity sound from the unit reflects off the ceiling, while low directivity sound directly reaches the ears. The different pathways cause a phase shift, making the sound feel uncomfortable.

The Reflex Optimizer which uses the Phase Control technology adjusts this shift, and improves the localization of the sound image by aligning the frequencies with those of the floor speakers, creating the ideal reproduction environment. Enjoy effortless multiroom playback of LP records, CDs, network music services, and more with supported components and speaker systems. The VSX-LX comes with Chromecast built-in, so you can use your mobile device to stream your favorite music, radio, or podcasts to your speaker.

Discover Chromecastenabled apps at google. Synchronised Sound with Phase Control As an innovative solution for the phase lag between the subwoofer and the main channel speakers caused by the bass management filter, Phase Control compensates the delayed bass to improve sound synchronization. Reflex Optimizer When using Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers, high directivity sound from the unit reflects off the ceiling, while low directivity sound directly reaches the ears.

Chromecast built-in The VSX-LX comes with Chromecast built-in, so you can use your mobile device to stream your favorite music, radio, or podcasts to your speaker.The latest crop of home cinema amplifiers are the most comprehensively equipped and flexible yet. Six HDMI 1. Sound appeal But features tell only part of the story: the VSX-LX53's real appeal lies in its sound quality, which is suffused with energy and excitement.

Action movies bellow with intent, the Pioneer battering out the bullets in The Dark Knight 's night-time chase: high frequencies are rendered crisply and yet without undue glare, while each impact strikes home with a definite, wince-inducing intensity.

It'll even manage a respectable sense of stereo with CD. This is an excellent newcomer. It's classy to look at, pleasing to live with and great to use — and more than good enough to justify its price over the best of the budget pack. See all our home cinema amplifier Best Buys. What Hi-Fi? Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. Home Reviews. Excellent amplifier, and a useful upgrade.

HANDS-ON REVIEW: Pioneer VSX-LX503 AV Receiver - It Comes Full Circle

For Outstanding sound in multichannel good in stereo comprehensive spec elegant styling. Against Very little. See all our home cinema amplifier Best Buys Follow whathifi. Network and Communication Ethernet Yes. Tuner Frequency Band AM.AVS Forum articles Contests. OR Remember. OldAM - Thread Starter. However, they've brought back the pre out terminals. BattleAxeVR likes this.

Remove Advertisements. OldPM. Originally Posted by many Originally Posted by bargugl. Too bad about the loss of the D amps on this model. I think they are saving them for higher models.

You have to move to Onkyo RZ to see them in Onkyo line so I expect as product integration continues that it will be the same level with Pioneer. Overseas, they priced the LX the same as the RZ instead of as the same as RZ and it was in the same class as far as performance. The economy will thank you Or are you more of a get-set-and-forget "casual user" who simply wants to increase your enjoyment of movies, TV and gaming?

Relax, HT isn't rocket science, nor does it have to cost an arm and a legespecially if you ignore the aforementioned vocal minority. And remember to smile Zorba is offline. The big news to me is the and are now 9. VisionxOrb is offline. The question is, how many people in the larger market are buying AVR's for 5. OldAM.It interrupts from time to time and you have to reconnect the receiver to Wi-Fi.

The Bluetooth connection works quite normal and this function provides great possibilities such as audio streaming. In addition, the developers added the three-zone capability function. You can watch movies or listen to music in three different rooms simultaneously without losing the quality. The setup process is quite simple and comfortable.

Just stick to the instructions and you will solve this problem within several minutes. The design of this receiver is not minimalistic at all because there are a lot of different buttons and regulators on the front side. See price. This Pioneer VSX-LX review is about a mid-range 9-channel device that is very close to premium models due to the plenty of options and smart features. The AV is powerful enough can be strengthene It is flexible enough to handle a wide range of speak Toggle navigation.

Compare AV receivers.

pioneer vsx lx503 review

Best AV receivers. Both HDMI outputs work perfectly as well. Cons: The ASR technology is not implemented. Pros: The quality of materials of this receiver is great enough. The steel is solid and well-constructed.

Cons: Apple AirPlay support works with interruptions.

Product review: Pioneer VSX LX503 AV receiver

What audio formats do receivers support? What built-in decoders do receivers support? Amplifier, output power, and number of channels How can you connect receivers? What media content sources can you use? Additional features Audio features. Read More. Add receiver to comparison. Add to compare. Votes 46 Pioneer has packed the LX with plenty of features for now and to give you room to upgrade in the future.

This is spread over nine channels with the option to add a further two channels with the addition of a power amplifier. This can be configured in a 7.

pioneer vsx lx503 review

Another option that Pioneer has included with the LX is the ability to run sound to a further two rooms in addition to your existing home cinema room. This is a really easy way for users to explore the possibilities of multiroom audio.

To support this, Pioneer have also provided a second HDMI output which can be assigned to a different source to the main display. This means that with only one AV receiver you can have video and audio in a whole other room. The range of options with the amplifier is truly staggering. Pioneer have included support for Google Chromecast in the LX allowing you to listen back to hundreds of different audio apps from your mobile device. There is also support for Airplay meaning Apple users are not left out either.

If neither of those systems works for you then Pioneer has handily included Bluetooth in the box for even more streaming options. When we talked about multiroom audio earlier that was restricted to those willing to run wires to another room but Pioneer has also included DTS Play Fi in the LX which along with a technology called FlareConnect allows you to broadcast audio all around the house to Play Fi-compatible products.

Whether that is from a CD player or from a record player through the included phono stage and more; whatever you can plug into the Pioneer VSX LX, you can stream to another room. To test out how the LX performs we sat down and set the unit up using the Focal Sib Evo speakers with Dolby Atmos support built into the front pair.

This speaker set is a great option for those looking to dive right into Atmos and will really show us how the LX performs. We ran through the initial set up process with little fuss, using the included set up microphone to tailor the sound for our demo room. The LX is available in both black and silver finishes. The LX did not disappoint. There was an obvious sense of space when watching Spiderman climbing the Washington monument, and you really got a sense of the wind whipping around the characters head.

All this with plenty of bass support for the action packed scenes to follow.Since then, I've had the opportunity to test and try countless different models from various brands - from Akai, Sansui, and Nakamichi, to Lexicon and Marantz, all the way up to Storm Audio and Trinnov. It was a mid-level Elite receiver with full-fledged pre-outs, phono pre-amp - the whole shebang, including the advanced version of MCACC auto calibration.

Pioneer VSX LX503 AV Receiver - Quick Look India

Since then, sadly, many of the features once found in the mid-level receivers, like a phono stage, dual HDMI out, and pre-outs, have been stripped out, and reserved only for higher-end models.

Thankfully, the performance hasn't been impacted. What do you expect, after all, when the recordings were most likely done using the same chip as the reproduction engine? A phono stage has returned as well. Although it doesn't compare to high-end sisters in the audiophile world, the built-in phono stage is pretty darn good. Using my Technics SL direct-drive turntable, it gives very satisfying sound.

From Frank Sinatra to Judas Priest to Nikki Yanofsky, every recording was reproduced nicely with a high level of detail and rather wide imaging. It was almost as detailed and wide as with my dedicated phono pre-amp that, on its own, costs close to half of what this receiver does.

Historically, Pioneer has been the pioneer pun intended of automatic calibration for the home market at a price almost everyone can afford. Is it perfect? During the process of bass management, pre-pro and receivers use a Low Pass Filter LPF to process low-frequency signals for subwoofer output.

This causes "phase lag" - a delay of approximately 6 msec minimum - of the low-frequency signals in comparison to the main channel signals. As a result, the delayed bass makes the sound lack synchronization which, in turn, muddies the sound reproduction of any given soundtrack. Pioneer's exclusive Phase Control technology effectively eliminates phase lag and significantly improves the multi-channel sound without any extra operation.

Pioneer VSX-LX503 a good choice for 7.1.4 atmos?

Another exclusive feature available only from Pioneer is Standing Wave Control. Standing waves occur when the sound waves from your speaker resonate with those reflected off the walls.

Regardless of the speaker placement, your listening position, or the shape of the room, standing waves will have a negative effect on the overall sound, especially in certain lower frequencies. My quibble is that the frequency cut-offs are identical to all channels. So you can't have, say, 40Hz for the front channel, 80Hz for surrounds, and Hz for Atmos. There is no way for the average user to have all speakers cut off at 80Hz, for example. Further, Dolby-enabled speakers need to be cut off at Hz, so if you're using them with this receiver, and set them at the appropriate Hz, your surrounds will also automatically be set at Hz, including fronts, too.

This isn't exactly ideal.

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