Ck2 demon child immortal

A sequelLegend of Deificationwill be released in early A Chaos Pearl, birthed from primordial essences, begins siphoning energies gluttonously. Tianzun dispatches his disciples Taiyi Zhenren and Shen Gongbao to subdue the sentient pearl. Due to its ability to absorb energy, Taiyi and Shen are unable to gain the upper hand. Tianzun places a heavenly curse upon the Demon Orb: in three years time it will be destroyed by a powerful lightning strike. Shen conspires to steal the Spirit Pearl and in the ensuing battle, the Demon Orb is placed on the ritual altar instead, causing Li Jing's pregnant wife Lady Yin to give birth to a child, Ne Zha, whose demonic nature is apparent.

Demon Child

Taiyi tells them that Ne Zha's fate is sealed: in three years' time the heavenly curse placed upon the Demonic Orb will kill him regardless.

Li travels to Heaven with Taiyi in an attempt to plead for Ne Zha's life, but is told that the curse is unremovable.

The dragons resent their role as jailers of the Heavenly Court and being confined to a hellish existence on the ocean floor. They hope that through the blessed nature of a son born from the Spirit Pearl that dragon kind would be deemed worthy by Heaven, allowing the dragons to ascend.

To tame his demonic nature and to make him happy, Ne Zha's parents lie to him, telling him that he was born of the Spirit Pearl and is destined to be a great demon hunter. Ne Zha studies under Taiyi and acquires great skills.

Eventually becoming impatient, the impetuous Ne Zha escapes his confines to hunt demons. While chasing a water demon, he burns down a fishing village. Ao Bing also comes to fight the demon, but is eventually defeated. Ne Zha cleverly overcomes the water demon and rescues both Ao Bing and a little girl, but is nevertheless misunderstood by the townsfolk.

In a rage, Ne Zha lashes out at the villagers, hurting many of them. The Li household organizes a lavish birthday party for their son, inviting a nervous town to attend. Shen visits Ne Zha before the party, revealing the truth of his nature to him. Angry and upset, Ne Zha unleashes his true demonic form and nearly kills his father.

Feeling betrayed, Ne Zha leaves to await his fate. Shen says that if his deceit is revealed to Taizun then not only will he be punished, all of dragon kind will be condemned forever. Ao Bing, not wanting to betray his kind, decides to bury the town alive under a massive sheet of ice so there are no witnesses. Meanwhile, Ne Zha learns that while visiting Heaven to plead for his life, his father sought an enchantment that would allow him to trade his life for Ne Zha's. Moved by his father's sacrifice, Ne Zha returns to the village to stop Ao Bing.

ck2 demon child immortal

Eventually unleashing his full demonic form, Ne Zha defeats Ao Bing but spares his life, calling him his only friend.If they aren't, then what can kill them? Do they ever die permanantely? Demons are immortal. Satan is immortal. God is immortal and You your spirit are immortal when you die.

I have exorcised demon and they are very powerful, violent, egotistical, territorial. A man cannot kill a demon. The conflict is between God and gods demons and He will cofine them in the Lake of Fire where they will be tormented for eternity along with rebellious men. I cannot kill a demon for that is impossible but I can exorcise it. When Christ was exorcising Legion. They fearfully begged Jesus not to send them into the Deep Abyss.

In the future Satan and his minion will be confined to the Bottomless Pit for a thousand years afterwards they will be cast into the Lake of Fire along with the sinners who rejected the LoveGift and lived their own lives their way. They were never alive. They are fallin' angels who betrayed god and were sent to hell to be tortured. They can not be killed because they were never alive to get ride of one you have to perform an exorcism. Only god and angels can send them back to hell.

And by the work of our prayers and faith. Answer Save. Son of Light. Favorite Answer. How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.The event chain for demon child is one of the more rare events that can show up in Crusader Kings II.

A random child of the player character who is not ill, inbred, or reached the age of 3 will receive SoA. My little [GetFromRelation] [From. GetFirstName] is not like other children. GetSubjectPronounCap] does not scream or cry or even get upset, but [From. GetSubjectPronoun] observes the world with keen interest. This morning, [From. GetSubjectPronoun] burst into bubbling laughter when a cook cut his hand badly and there was blood everywhere.

Animals do not like [From. GetObjectPronoun] and [From. GetSubjectPronoun] makes a strange buzzing sound when near other children. Courtiers whisper 'demon spawn' and the servants have started to avert their eyes and make covert signs to ward off evil. My [GetFromRelation], [From.

ck2 demon child immortal

GetTitledFirstName] has sought me out regarding the worrisome behaviour of [From. GetPossPronoun] little child, [FromFrom. The entire court seems to believe that the child is possessed by dark forces My wise [Root.

GetFirstName] has examined the child and assures me that little [From. GetFirstName] is normal and that all the talk of devil spawn is utter nonsense. GetScriptureName] is clear on this. My [Root. GetFirstName] believes that little [From. GetFirstName] is the spawn of [Root. Even worse, [FromFrom. GetSubjectPronoun] is trying to get me to confess to witchcraft and to frolicking with demons! GetSubjectPronoun] believes that [From.

GetPossPronoun] mother, [From. GetTitledFirstName], is a witch who has had congress with demons! GetTitledFirstName] has tearfully confessed to having lurid dreams at night, sometimes featuring a minotaur and other fantastic creatures! GetFirstName] assures me that everyone suffers from wicked dreams from time to time, and though little [From. GetFirstName] is an odd child, there is likely nothing to worry about. My traitorous [Root. A growing number of notables are demanding my abdication and that [From.

GetFirstName] be declared illegitimate. GetFirstName]'s innocence, and I doubt either of them are lying My true Father spoke to me in a dream, revealing His plans for me.Type the name of an event, or an event ID, into the search box below to instantly search our database of event IDs.

Privacy Contact. Table View Card View. Own all the silk route ports in india as a European merchant republic. Become Grandmaster of any devil-worshiper society Birthright. Have a priest you corrupted as a Satanist become Pope Got Land. Start as the holder of gotland and form Scandinavia Unwelcome Visitors. As an assassin, assassinate a Crusader King in the Holy land. GetBestName] starts claim adventure for [This.

GetName]" TOG. Seize Church Properties If a building is specified, then that one is exempt We have been judged in the eyes of God On-Action: Mercs go on a rampage On-Action: Mercs leave in disgust On-Action: Mercs switch side FROM you On-Action: Mercs switch side TO you On-Action: Holy Order leaves your service Offer to buy a title from indebted liege Liege receives offer to sell land Liege receives offer to sell land for favor Irresistable young wench Unwed daughter Spymaster advice you Spymaster is trusted to deal with liege's daughter's bastard child Spymaster let child and daughter live Spymaster let daugther and bastard child live Get rid of a bastard?

What now? Husband's investigation fails. Hidden utility event. FROM is employers "employee". She keeps reading any sort of romantic poetry she can get hold of. What about keeping your courtiers busy by changing the fashion at court? GetTitledName] declares independence from [This.


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The chances that you get it are increased if you are unwell, old or the Plague is rampant in your realm. How does one win the game? This is the worse option in general. If you choose to play chess, you will have 3 rounds to accumulate at least 5 points. Great moves net 2 points, good ones - 1 point, neutral doesn't affect the score, bad reduces your score by 1, terrible - by 2 effectively nuking your character.

This is the basic premise, but your actions and traits can influence the game, allowing for higher win chances. Game master and Genius are the most useful traits here, increasing your chances dramatically Game Master is slightly better, but these two do not stack. First of all - invite Death in or pay some money for the nearest inn!!! This will grant you 1 extra point in the beginning of the game.

Secondly - play black. This gives you another point to start with, making this much easier. Apart from the 2 usual options risky or safethere are a number of traits that allow you to get safe points. These are:. Deceitful, schemer, strategist, quick, shrewd - get 1 point.

Genius, game master - get 2 points. This is where various cheating strategies can work. Again, there are a number of traits that get you free points here, as well as the option to concentrate or cheat. This is where you have the option to sacrifice a loved one or trust your skill. Characters without any special traits, but that are willing to take on the sacrifice stand a decent chance to cheat Death.

As stated above, the key point is to be gracious and play black. The main point to take away is that if you can score 2 free points, you're almost guaranteed to win, no need to risk by cheating or sacrificing. If you can score 1, it's kinda dangerous. If you do not have beneficial stats, getting a "Bad" move is the same as getting a "Terrible" move - both end the game.

The various chances to win for a character with no traits are below:. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.That girl That shapeless fetus, which was only just conceived And so it has taken on the nature of a demon.

It is a cursed child. The Demon Child was the offspring of Guts and Cascabrought into the physical world as a small misshapen imp after being tainted by Femto's rape of the pregnant Casca. The Demon Child appeared almost exclusively at night, but during the day would sometimes manifest in a shadowy area to avoid the sun. Despite it never speaking, its actions revealed that its intelligence may have been of a higher grade than that of a two year-old, its chronological age.

The Demon Child appeared as a monstrously misshapen fetus with a reddened left eye.

ck2 demon child immortal

It was born as a minuscule creature but, only moments later, grew exponentially until it rivaled a several month-old infant in size.

It was hairless and had an infantile face with a tumorous bump on its forehead that covered its right eye. Each of its limbs ended in fingerless tendrils, necessitating that it crawled on its stomach when it manifested, and it had a small tail.

Not much is known of the Demon Child's personality since it did not speak, but its behavior hinted that it was capable of cognition beyond what is normal for the average two-year-old. After the Child's birth, it is explained by the Skull Knight that Guts and Casca's child accepted an evil nature, but would nevertheless maintain a kindred bond with its parents. This statement appeared to be valid - the Demon Child appeared to Guts numerous times during his two-year stint as the Black Swordsman and showed no obvious malicious intent, and even motivated Guts to avenge Vargas' death.

The Demon Child also appeared to Casca several times while she was in Albion explicitly to protect its mother, who was thought to be a witch by the religious locals and refugees. Its love for its mother was made obvious in that its power was completely spent by the end of the night, allowing the Egg-Shaped Apostle to manipulate and swallow it without any struggle.

The Demon Child appeared to possess some form of control over regular spirits that reside in the Astral realm, being able to command them to act against all humans with the notable exception of Casca, who was swallowed by the corrosive blood that the spirits possessed in the Tower of Conviction, but was otherwise left unharmed.

The Demon Child was also able to induce hallucinations in the people around it; Guts had twice witnessed the event wherein the Child would morph its face into that of someone else. The child was conceived when a newly returned Guts had sex with Cascaimpregnating her. Upon his transformation, Femto flew down to Casca and raped her in front of a trapped Guts. Sometime after the Skull Knight saved her and Guts, Casca prematurely gave birth to a malformed fetus that increased in size until it was no bigger than an infant.

Upon first seeing the child being born and realizing Griffith's corruption, Guts attempted to kill it with Casca stopping him. The Skull Knight informed Guts that child was his and that Griffith had tainted it.

Guts tried to kill the child again while Casca bit his arm before the infant faded before their eyes as the sun rose. After Guts embarks on his quest for revenge, out of a need for a parent's love, the Demon Child proceeded to follow its father. As Casca being placed in Godot's care and kept in the elvish mine prevented her from bring attacked, the Demon Child spends the next few years following Guts on an almost nightly basis out of a need to be by its parent's side.

As a result, with Guts loathing it further, it plagued his moments of rest while watching closely over him. But as an Incarnation Ceremony in Albion comes closer, sensing the events about to unfold that may result in its mother's death, the Child appears before Guts and alerts him of Casca being in incoming danger.

The Child eventually appears in Albion to protect its mother from the restless spirits of the holy city's dead. Whenever Casca was about to harmed by the spirits when they took over a physical body, the Demon manifested to silently command spirits to leave.

But when the Incarnation Ceremony is close to begin, the Demon Child exhausted most of its life force to shield Casca from both spiritually possessed blood of the wrathful dead and the flames of a recently transformed Mozgus. The Demon Child vanished soon after while Guts would save Casca in its place.

On the verge of death, the Child was found by the apostle known as the Egg of the Perfect World. The apostle, also on the verge of death as he is about to fulfill his role in the ceremony, swallows the Demon Child so that neither would have to die alone.

ck2 demon child immortal

But within the apostle's stomach before he shatters, as the Incarnation Ceremony runs its course, the Demon Child gradually developed into a human infant before gradually maturing into part of the vessel for Griffith's essence to take residence in. Though now existing as part of Griffith's new corporeal form, faint traces of the Demon Child's need to protect Casca appear to have some influence on Griffith as he found out while at the Hill of Swords.

Add an image. Add an image Egg of the Perfect World.Renesmee Cullen : a vampire hybrid. A human-vampire hybridalso known as half-vampirevampire hybridhalf-human and half-vampireand half-immortalis the offspring of a female human and a male vampire. It is generally beyond the ability of most vampires to be this close to a human physically and still resist the lure of her blood. Only five are known to exist: Renesmee CullenNahueland Nahuel's three half-sisters, SerenaJenniferand Maysunand they share many traits of both species.

A hybrid is conceived by the sexual intercourse between a female human and a male vampire. Because most vampires have a hard time resisting the urge to kill humans for their blood, it takes a high level of self-control to be so close to the human and still resist the temptation. Once the woman is impregnated, the fetus inside her grows much faster than human fetuses, and will grow extremely strong overtime.

Run your own demonic cult as Crusader Kings 2: Monks and Mystics is now available

Should it cause too much trauma to her body before birth, it can easily destroy its own existence by killing the mother. If the fetus is not often fed with blood, it will involuntarily deteriorate its mother's health, making the chances of survival even smaller. The fetus is grown to full term one month after conception, and will utilize its own strength and teeth to break its way out. This will, however, result in the death of the mother, as the damage is too much for her body to take.

The only known way to save the mother after the fetus's birth is by injecting vampire venom into her body and change her into a vampire. So far, only Bella Swan has survived this process. Vampire hybrids have both human and vampire traits. They are immensely beautiful. Due to their beauty and superhuman abilities, they can be mistaken for immortal children by other vampires who see them from a distance when they are still maturing. They have well-developed physiques and smooth, flawless skin, which is paler than a human's but not as pale as a vampire's.

Unlike vampires, they have a functioning heart with blood flowing through their system. A hybrid's heart beats faster than a human's. They are capable of sleeping, and gaining nourishment from both human food and blood, though they prefer blood, particularly human. Their body temperature is unusually warm, just a few degrees below that of shape-shifters.

While vampires' skins sparkle like diamonds upon exposure to sunlight, hybrids' skins show a faint illumination—a feature that allows them to blend in more easily with humans even during sunny days. Hybrids possess the mixed scent of vampires and humans. This gives them a unique scent all their own, balanced between being both appetizing as a human's and sweet as a vampire's.

Bella Swan described this as just enough vampire scent to keep the human scent from being too overwhelming. They have 24 chromosome pairs, but it is unknown whether this is due to a sampling error or chromosome rearrangement.

It seems, however, unlikely that they have any relation to the shape-shifters' chromosomes.

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