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Track My Order. Frequently Asked Questions. International Shipping Info. Send Email. Mon-Fri, 9am to 12pm and 1pm to 5pm U. Mountain Time:. Chat With Us. What a deal! But a USB logic analyzer LA is only as useful as the software required to configure and monitor the tool. There are a few software options available for this USB logic analyzer; in this tutorial we aim to familiarize you with sigrok's PulseView. The project includes:.


Download the latest PulseView release from sigrok's Downloads page. Here are direct links for the latest Windows, Mac, and Linux downloads:. The Mac installer is a binary disk image DMGwhich can be dragged into your Applications folder, for example. You should see faint red and green LEDs illuminate under the sticker. With the sampling parameters set as default -- 1M samples, 20kHz -- it'll take almost a minute to gather all million samples.

You can hit "Stop" to end the scan early. Unless you've already connected a few channels and grounds, this first scan will probably not be that interesting. Here's a fun, tormenting Arduino sketch you can load to help familiarize yourself with PulseView's capabilities:. Before scanning, bump up the sample rate to 1MHz and change the sample quantity to 1 M samples. Depending on what you're trying to analyze, these dropdowns may get a lot of use.

With those values set, hit Run. You should be greeted with a seconds worth of samples, and a few blips on the D0 channel every ms.In a previous post I described how to manipulate data extracted from a Saleae logic analyzer with Python, to view the latency between two digital signals and deduce the temporal jitter of one of them.

In conclusion, I expressed the assumption that the Saleae SDK could allow us to retrieve information about the signals in real time, rather than via an intermediary CSV file. But at the end, the best solution I found came from a more generic free software. Saleae provides developers with two solutions :. We could have looked at the SDK and written a parser exporting the latency between two defined signals on the fly, but this solution is dependent on the Saleae software and its evolutions, ensuring very low durability.

We were looking for a more generic and permanent solution. It was during a discussion with my colleagues that Emeric Vigier pointed to me a software called sigrok.

Aiming to provide a free and generic logic analyzer, sigrok is a software suite for extracting data collected by various types of analyzers and displaying them or analyzing them using protocol decoder plugins. An end-to-end example will be better than a thousand words. We will use PulseView to capture and visualize signals from a logic analyzer.

Each decoder has its options. In our case we simply set the channel on which we want to apply the decoder:. The following is based on the libsigrok and libsigrokdecode in their version 0. Each protocol decoder is a Python module that has its own subdirectory in the libsigrokdecode decoders directory. The libsigrokdecode API provides all the information on the captured signals. To calculate the latency between two digital signals, our logic is to consider one signal as a reference clock, and the other as a result of it.

The two signals are linked so each state transition of the clock signal will result in the other signal to change also transition with a more or less variable latency.

We will discuss the fluctuation of this latency later. The first thing to do is to allow our channel decoder to define which signal corresponds to the reference clock, and which channel corresponds to the resulting signal. The decoder class precisely allows to define some attributes specifying its options, including one that allows the user to select channels:. The second step will consist in implementing the contents of the decode.A logic analyzer is the test instrument used in electronic laboratories to evaluate and display the digital signals.

This device works alike to that of an oscilloscope. This logic analyzer is widely used by the electronic engineers to design, optimize and debug the hardware that is embedded in the digital systems. This can track 16 signals simultaneously.

It can be connected to the system to use the cross-platform software. This is portable and is cost-effective. The only difference between both is that oscilloscope measures the analog signals, whereas logic analyzer will measure digital signals.

With an oscilloscope, you can keep on observing the change in signal status from time to time wherein with a logic analyzer, and you cannot see the picture that is updated frequently since the signal is analyzed thoroughly and then is recorded. A few years ago, this test instrument used to be quite expensive as a result not many people have used it. This also has reduced the size and cost of this test instrument. These two factors are compelling electrical engineers to use this device.

How to use logic analyzer? The measurement is delivered through USB to the software, which you can control using mouse and keyboard. Highlighted Features Record: The best part of this logic analyzer USB is that it can record the signals continuously unlike oscilloscope.

best sigrok logic analyzer

This record both the analog and digital signals. This fills the memory of the computer with the data to let the tool to capture long and intermittent events. Easy to use: You do not need any kind of training to operate this logic analyzer. You can use this as an alternative to the oscilloscope. Compatible operating systems: This tool is compatible to work with various operating systems, including Mac, Linux, Ubuntu, and Windows. Portable: It is easy to carry to any place due to its small size.

This does not occupy much of the space in your electronic kit. The weight of this tool is around 1. Saves time and frustration: No technician needs to wait for hours together to get the debugging output.

best sigrok logic analyzer

All they need to do is to connect to the system and get the debugging report in a matter of a few minutes to fix the issues. Accessories: When you buy this equipment, you will get a USB cable, wire harnesses and test clips. Using all these accessories would make the product work exceptionally. Uses of this tool: This tool is used for a wide variety of purposes, including general debugging, reverse engineering, and continuous recording of signals for a long period of time, decode protocols such as I2C, SPI, and 23 more protocols, measure time, debug multiple protocols at the same time and instrument the code.

In addition, you can also create your respective protocols with the help of SDK.After seeing that Saleae jacked up the prices on their popular logic analyzers to ludicrous levels, [CNLohr] added a fourth virtue: Spite.

And since his tests with a Cypress FX3 over the last few days may lead to a dirt-cheap DIY logic analyzer, we may soon be able to add another virtue: Thrift. Prepared to spend months on the project, he was surprised to make significant progress on his mission of spiteful thrift within a few days, reading 16 bits off the GPIF at over megabytes per second and dumping it over the USB 3. The search for a cheap but capable logic analyzer is nothing new, of course.

Yay for cnlohr! I was coming in to defend Saleae tooth-and-nail, having purchased several of them over the years. Customer support, analog functionality and nice software all count in their favor. But before doing so, I double checked the prices. They have almost doubled since my last order.

Not sure why. They have come a long way since the initial offering of what was effectively a re boxed Cypress USB dev board. Just looked at their site for the first time in a while, as I need a few more for work. Looks like I am going somewhere else. I do wonder if this is a misdirected response to the knockoffs that just direct users to the Saleae software.

[001] Sigrok and Logic Analyzers

Yeah, and the analog side of saleae is surprisingly useful also. One of te co owners is a huge Steve Jobs fanboy, he almost bankrupted whole company with his obsession of making their products small for no particular reason and insisting on in house pick and place. Full form over function. The story is in one of old Amp Hour episodes. I have always thought Saleae to be a bit overrated, and the here we are. The proof is in the pudding i guess….

What analyzer do you have? Is it USB At least in the larger sample lengths, it does use RLE. You have to use isochronous transfers, otherwise you can get buffer underflows. A long time ago I wanted to buy a Salaea FX2 8-channel analyser. It does look like they did almost exactly what I did.

Gonna have to compare notes and see where they shot ahead and use some of their stuff… Gonna be a little weird license-wise. After reviewing it, it seems they went a pretty different direction than I did… Bulk transfers, directly inline in the sigrok driver, etc.

Still way cheaper than most of our gear. Complaining about cost is mostly because we are spoiled by the cheap shit from China. Though I do have to admit that the prices Saleae now charges is far beyond realistic, many years ago their 8-bit product was perfectly suited for the hobby market. I was proud to be an early adopter, Saleae even send me a replacement when my first model broke and was very helpful in solving GUI requests with their software.

Regarding the costs of the device today, this no longer seems to be the case. And I highly doubt if I ever will be purchasing one for work. I really hope Saleae is coming to their senses and return to their low-entry market with low-entry prices. I hope they succeed as their products itself simply delivers what it promises.

In the meanwhile it is good to see that other people are working hard to achieve the goal of an affordable analyzer. Because in this year and age of hobbyists grabbing arduinos to control all sorts of digital devices, a good tool for debugging can be a real lifesaver.

His sideways view into reality has some benefits as long as you have a Damian Conway around — the mad scientist — to make it work.Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? This topic This board Entire forum Google Bing.

Print Search. Author Topic: Budget Logic analyzer, which one do you recommend? Read times. Hi everyone I am an electronics hobbyist french I'd like to own a desktop LA because at some point, I might consider trying parallel communication and I'd like to learn how to handle a "real" one.

Have a good day, Michel. Pinkus Frequent Contributor Posts: Download the full software at their www. It is fully functional and -when no Logicport is attached- it simulates it. It takes a few minutes to get over the quirks of the software non standard functioniality of mouse buttons etc.

Hi pinkus this product seems really fine, looks like an upgraded saleae Logic. I should have pointed out that I am looking for a standalone device, and both saleae and intronix need a PC. Thanks for your timely answer Michel. Well, I guess most people here will tell you to stay with the USB solution.

best sigrok logic analyzer

I have a standalone LA at work relatively new windows based HP, but also used the older ones and used it only once or twice because it's loud and annoying. These things are are nice for multichannel capturing and setting up complex trigger conditions but serial communication is not their strength. Where it must be clear that your Saleae clone is on the very low side of things.

If you don't really need the 32 channels, you could have a look at the Ikalogic Scanaplus 9ch but hey, it's Frenchelse you could have a look at the Acute LAs, e.

Acute TLB 36ch - but they are a different price class. Trying is the first step towards failure - Homer J. Warhawk Frequent Contributor Posts: Country:. Quote from: bonux on January 30,am. Quote from: Warhawk on January 30,am. Heck, if you're really looking for next to noting and own a laptop that has a parallel port - just a buffer chip and some free software is about as cheap as you can go.

Thanks Michel. A great many including some very cheap ones are compatible with the open source sigrok software. Yeah, but being supported by Sigrok doesn't necessarily mean it's supported in a usable way or with all features. I understand you could use a ScanaPlus with Sigrok, but then you lose all the triggering possibilities. But admittedly, Sigrok support is some kind of insurance for obscure Chinese devices and probably also the better choice compared to the included SW in some cases.

The technical data always looked good: 16ch, MBit on board RAM, proper input protection, streaming mode for low sampling frequencies, on board RAM for high frequency sampling up to MHz. It was also discussed here in the forum a few times. Hi So.I know this should be the cost of development, and these cloning techniques is bad for companies that make their living from selling the hardware, but this is life sorry Saleae team.

I always planned to try it, and this week I had the time for that. I would like to share with you a quick overview of this tool.

I always find it nice to understand some of the undergoing process behind the tool-chain of hardware and software.

Using the USB Logic Analyzer with sigrok PulseView

So the first interesting fact is that I basically bought only the PCB with no firmware inside. This information is important to make the clone tool look like the original one for the software tool I mean the tool from Saleae. Here is an example output of lsusb -v command using Linux machine with the clone attached.

You may find other clones. I should say by the end of this paragraph that maybe if I knew the first fact before buying this tool, I think I would buy a same function breakout board like this one!

This tool is cross-platformso choose what fits you.

Best Logic Analyzer Reviews – Buyer’s Guide

The most important parts of this project are as a normal user :. After you download the tools and before running them, you should get the right firmware for this Saleae logic analyzer.

So you need to add it to the installed package manually. In our case, first, you need to download Saleae Logic official toolthen download the script files here. Now, put these scripts in the same directory of Logic tool and execute sigrok-fwextract-saleae-logic16 python script.

Here is an example of the process:. This is an interesting debugging information. Using PulseView is very straightforward; first you need to configure the frequency of sampling and the size, also you have 8 channels displayed and you can rename it from the numeric value to any meaningful name by clicking on the tag.

The last important cornerstone feature is the protocol decoder. To configure the decoder you need to click on the decoder name tag shown in the margin. Note: Increase the samples size when you increase the sample rate.

The cloned version works well using it. I should admit, this tool is more user-friendly and has more features than sigrok tool. Last, try to read Markus Zenspammer handy comparison between Saleae and Sigrok project in the comments section. I think this article needs an update. Was this written in ? This means there is no dependency anymore on copyrighted firmware. But they are written in Python, and new protocol decoders get added almost every month.

There are now already over a We do not list devices without PC connectivity, as those are not really useful for sigrok. This page lists commercial and non-commercial devices with a short overview of their capabilities. We list all kinds of devices here, not only those supported by sigrok. You should not use the information here as the sole source for any buying decisions, this is just meant for informational purposes.

Please carefully check the vendor websites if you intend to buy any hardware. Jump to: navigationsearch. Decoders Price Dig. Timing State Dig.

best sigrok logic analyzer

Cypress FX2? Category : Device comparison. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read View source View history. This page was last edited on 4 Octoberat Privacy policy About sigrok Disclaimers. Acute TravelLogic TL Acute LAPK.

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